Why MRZSDK Is The Most Secure Passport Reader App

passport scanner app

MRZSDK passport reader is designed to scan passport fields such as MRZ (Machine-readable Zone). It can also cross verify any fields that are repeated, analyze a passport photo, and recognize a visual inspection zone, to help reduce the rate of OCR errors, and passport fraud risks.

It is the best choice you could ever make for your airline business, to be able to gather every important data during ticket sales. Public organizations and financial institutions will also gain a lot from this.

Here is why MRZSDK is the most secure passport reader app:

1. World-Leading OCR Algorithm

We have been working so hard to develop the best technology on our passport reader. so far, they all high-performance algorithm, developed by MRZSDK. We also have experts, who have been in the OCR industry for several years.

We, therefore, are sure of providing our customers with a well-tailored solution that will cater to any of their needs

2. Multi Illumination Sources

Our MRZSDK passport reader has a high resolution, which produces the best image qualities, and in IR, UV, white illumination.

3. Flexible Options And Multiple Solutions

We are flexible such that we customize solutions, to offer special applications for each client. Each of our devices is equipped with a driver and SDK (Software Development Kit), to ease the designing and development of your system of document scanning, as per your clients’ needs.

On the other hand, and SDK that backs a variety of programming languages and operating system is the best, and that’s what we offer. We also have OEM services.

4. Complete Document Processing

MTRZSDK passport reader will support ICAO compliance document, 2D barcode, MRZ, fingerprint reading, and ID barcode.

5. Easy To Use

You only need to place your client’s document on its surface, and the MRZSDK passport reader will automatically detect the document. It will then read the RFID information and OCR and give the results.

Document Verification and Authentication with MRZSDK Passport Readers

We offer a wide range of document reader solutions, which will work demands of your travel business, and enable the processes in an efficient and secure manner.

MRZSDK document readers can read:

• eIDs and IDs
• Travel documents including passports
• Driver’s license

Also, we do verify ID for clients enrolling for check cashing and banks for the first time. We will help you reduce cases of financial loss and ID fraud during car rental services too.

If you need the best passport reader, look no more, as MRZSDK will offer you the best results. Our reader is downward compatible with the legacy ID check infrastructure. Also, it has an optional ICAO-RFID passport module and automatic recognition of passports and Identity cards.

Flexible deployment and stand-alone technology is a plus. After reading all this, I am sure you don’t want to be left behind. Everyone wants the best for their business.be positive, and be after growth. Look for ways to improve your nosiness every other day. And today, you already found one more solution. Be our guest. Contact us today for great deals.