The Benefits You Get From Our MRZ OCR Software App

Ocr Mobile App

Who does not want to save time and money, be accurate and fast, and optimize their businesses’ workflow? Well, it’s simple. Scan your passports within your smartphone, and get the results you need. You will decide what happens with the results you get- interesting.

Your challenges are our solutions. MRZ scanning is about twenty times faster than the manual entries. It will extract all the information points automatically, it has strong tech characteristics, and it supports various travel documents.

Here are the several benefits you get from using our MRZ OCR software App :


1. Secured Data Transmission

During processing and procedures, data scan will never be sent to the cloud. This is because the scan process is in your device and the information in it cannot leave your device unless you need it to. Whatever results you get, they cannot pass the external servers, unless yours.

If you want to complete sensitive information scans, MRZ OCR is the best tool.


2. High Accuracy Scanning

MRZ has a higher accuracy level than any manual verification method one cloud use. Mobile OCR will simply remove any kind of human error from all the processes, therefore making your scan’s accuracy higher. This will automatically mean that you give your customers the most accurate services ever.


3. Fast Performance

For instant results, you simply direct your device at your target and scan. This way, you do not have to wait. Also, every process will occur in your phone, and you get results as soon as they are out. For your information, the results take less than half a second to come out.


4. Cost Reduction

No more external readers needed, and this means no spending money on them. Again, you will not need to train employees, but still get more accurate scans, which means more legitimate transactions. Every business is up to saving on any amounts, and reducing unnecessary expenditures, as much as possible.


5. Faster Processes

Faster scanning means optimizing your processes. Add the scanner to your mobile, and change every operation towards the best. Save your client’s times, as well as your time. Divert the time saved into very many other important things in the business.


6. User Experience

Let your customers love your business by giving them the most convenient, error-free, and smooth travel experience they have ever had. Let them enjoy the technologically improved process. Many clients will tell you how tiresome and strains the verification process can be when done manually. You can be so sure that they will appreciate your effort to bring them an amazing experience.


We have a wide product range, and we are ready to hear from yours. Our developement team will set up your needs only in a few hours. Let’s discuss your needs. We will provide you with product information, and offer you a demo material, which will be tailored to your use case. Additionally, we will give you the basic information about what you need to be done. Contact us today, and let us talk.