More Successful Scans Mean More Successful Transactions: MRZ Scanners

mrz scanner
Whether you are up to capturing and processing images, reading data from an RFID tag, automatic recognition of the type of document or automatic authenticity verification of a document, say no more. We will take you through, and show you what we can do for you, in regards to making your business more efficient.


Here are some of the benefits of using an MRZ Scanner:


1. Data Security


Although we don’t gather personal data, the personal data which is in the MRZ of the ID document is needed by the App, for the procession. Document number, personal number and date of birth are some of the privacy-sensitive data needed. Through OCR technology, the app can scan the optional information in the document, and the expiry date.


Now that all the processes are done on the phone, you can be assured of personal information security. Again, encrypted network connections I used to protect the information.


2. High Performance


MRZ scanner is faster than manual input. You can also use mobile OCR to do away with human errors from your work, and make your scans’ much accurate than manual verification. With MRZ, you will give your customers the most dependable services.


All you need to do is to point the device to your target. Averagely, it will take less than half a second. If you wish to optimize the processes of your company, you only have to add the fastest scanning to your mobile app and have enough or extra time to look into other sectors of your business.


3. Work Offline


Without any internet connection, an MRZ scanner will still work locally, on any device, and in real-time too. You do not have to worry about data leaving your phone, as the scan happens right on spot. Also, the results will not pass to external servers, since the process is done right away.


With all that said, it means that the MRZ scanner makes the best tool to complete sensitive data scans. Here at MRZSDK, we look at your demands and transfer information to you through an end to end secured encryption, based on them.


Also, you can always customize stuff on each end, while using our Software Development Kit (SDK).


4. Cost Reduction


Say bye to expensive external readers, as you only need your mobile device to use MRZ scanner. Doesn’t that save your business from the costs of t5raining employees and the equipment? The best part of it all is that the scanner is so accurate, and will detect every incorrect analysis from your processes, and remove them.


We all know that successful transactions start from a successful scan, and saving a penny, is earning a penny. Remember, you want to make the most out of your business. Make sure you stay at the top of the business game, just with an MRZ scanner.


To wrap everything up, MRZ scanner is a mobile technology that will come with great speed, automation, efficiency and general success to the processes of your business. Hold your business up high, by going for MRZSDK’s SDK licensing, then incorporate the scanning engine with your apps, just the way you like it.
Give your clients a technologically radical experience that they deserve.