Identity Verification via OCR: Transform the Digital World

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There are very many businesses operating numerous digital stations, to increase the profit they earn. In such businesses, Identify verification is very critical. Preventing identity theft and protecting digital fraud, is now a highly demanded need in almost every digital-related business.

Online scams and digital frauds have become common causes, as people fake credentials, and businesses have a tough time to figure out who is legitimate and who isn’t.


OCR Technology for Verification

MRZSDK has very effortless ID verification processes that will help your business a big deal. With the help of OCR technology, there is a better way of verifying customers’ IDs. OCR is a technology which extracts information from customer’s documents, in either physical or digital format.

The personal data of the user, such as the date of birth, name, etc, is extracted from the documents by the OCR, then our MZRSDK system fills it in, and confirms whether the information in the documents, matches the one in the system.

It is worth noting that the users are allowed to correct the data produced by OCR technology. However much we trust our product, we still believe in our clients, and we can never deny them their right to their correct identity.


Use Cases for Swift KYC

Supported by OCR technology, Identity verification can be extremely helpful to numerous businesses across the world. There are various multinational firms, throughout the world, that offer services in several territories.

Such companies could use our ID verification services, which support many document formats. This could help their work easier, in their various branches across the world. While executing KYC checks, we do not see any other KYC software which can promise these services.


Address Verification

For instance, a client has just placed an order through an e-commerce site. You will need to authenticate his/her address, and that way, the digital KYC will secure shipping from scammers, show the cash back requests, and if it was used on a credit card or not. Even a service meant to protect fraud will not operate at that pace, and give you the best results like this.


AML Compliance

As much as numerous KYC solutions only provide ID verification services to their clients, MRZSDK gives you AML compliance too. Therefore, you can be able to verify the real user identity helped by our OCR based identity verification services.

Again, our services will also help you measure the risks you incur by bringing certain potential clients onboard.There are several KYC verification solution across. However, most of them cannot do a dependable verification, since they do not have good PCI. This way, they would be posing a lot of danger to their clients.

Important financial data could even be hacked, because of lack of a PCI certification. Here at MRZSDK, we assure you of error-free and sure ways of getting your business on the right track. This is the place to visit, whenever you need help. Feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.